* flowers and actions


I love flowers.  They ease me from a complicated busy mind at once and give me peace, joy, and happiness. I wonder how God created those beautiful flowers… So, I always try to capture the images of flowers by my cell

* selling a newer old house and buying a new older house


On the last Saturday of September, we went to a open house in the neighborhood of my first boy’s school. I have been praying for a house in that neighborhood for a long time because of my health issues. Living

* these old book pages


After I posted the last one, I took a bunch of photos of the old books and some other projects I have done. Then I was gone to my parents , since my mom had a surgery and she told

* what I have been up to


My mind was gone for a very while from this blog.  I am so sorry that I didn’t try at all. This summer was a different one from other 40± ones. I was deeply depressed. I cried a lot. Now,

* glazed green dresser


I am so thrilled to introduce my first refurbished furniture to the world.  I have to confess that I didn’t know what to do, I mean which color, which design, and so on, because there were so many things I

* my burlap basket light fixture


We have a table where we, family of 5, eat and read, do homework and craft, preparing food… You name it all. On the table, there was a lamp and it made our table very crowded and still didn’t provide

* composting : save the green and the brown


I am a country girl. I was raised up in the country side. My favorite memory of country side is my mom’s vegetable garden with chickens, pigs and rabbits she raised, and our table filled with yummy dishes with fresh

* these old ‘new’ england houses


Leaving all comfortable things behind us, we departed from Colorado and drove to New England. The rental home we found and contracted for one year over Craigslist welcomed us in a gloomy way. It was built in 1880, Victorian style,

* home sweet home!


God blessed us good 7 years to live in this beautiful house in Colorado.  Located in a quiet cul-de-sac with an impeccable view of the Front range as well as of a fine club golf course, this house holds lots

* enjoy the little things


Since I’ve moved to New England about two years ago from Colorado, I’ve been going through a big depression due to the pain in my hands and legs and the difficult time I’ve had transitioning into a new lifestyle. My